About the Teacher

In our classroom, I answer to "Mrs. Ellis," "Mizz Ellis," "Miss Ellis," "Miss Ewwis," “Miss Ells,” “Miss Ellius,” "Mommy," "Momma," "Daddy," "Grandma," "Nana," and/or "Mammaw." Over the past 15 years, I’ve taught hundreds of brilliant, insightful, and charming second graders, who keep me on my toes and compel me to walk back through the front doors of my school building each day, regardless of the educational stress that awaits within. For the past few years, I’ve been sharing on Facebook memories I’ve made with some of my favorite kiddos, and, now, blogging seems as if it may be a fun way to expand a bit. I’m really hoping you agree.

I’m quite the late-blooming teacher, beginning this profession at the age of 40. Long before that, I held clerical and sales positions, and only became intrigued with education in the early 1990s, after working for a time in a school office in Louisville, KY. After a few years as a full-time mom, I reentered the world of education as an instructional assistant in an elementary school. After two years in that position, I finally knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. So, at the ripe old age of 36, I started college and, in 2003, graduated with a BS in Elementary Education. Additionally, I’ve earned a MAEd in Reading and National Board Certification. I spent 12 wonderful years teaching second graders in Raleigh, NC, (2003-2015), and, since 2015, have been in second grade at a school in a rural area of central Kentucky.

Regardless of what my students may believe, I actually do have a life outside of school and that usually includes my family. My husband, Steve, has recently retired from a lifetime of designing and building commercial mowing equipment. Our daughter, Rachel, is a professional chef, trained in the pastry arts, but, also, has recently started a new business in healthy meal prepping. We have a loving and adorable, yet unbelievably whiny, nine-year-old Yorkie, named Marley.