Amazing Volunteers, Teacher Gifts, and Why isn’t PTSO Appreciation Week a Thing?

Posted by debraallenellis May 29, 2018
It’s the end of the school year and it has been 3 months since I’ve had a chance to work on this danged blog. There has been so much going on lately with testing, assemblies, special projects, testing, report cards, SNAP, Mother’s Day, testing, PLCs, Field Day, observations, PGPs, testing, special programs, conferences, TCTs, testing, writing portfolios, ARCs, committee meetings, active shooter training, awards day, PD, mapping, cleaning, CPR training, packing up the room, and a smidge more testing. Teachers are pooped. Students are pooped. Administrators are pooped. The entire school staff is pooped. The bus drivers are pooped. We’re all pooped. But our poopedness is required—comes with the territory. It’s expected of all of us. School employees get paid to be pooped. Students don’t get paid, but they do get to become brainier. [More]