The Unexpected, It’s a Boy!, Field Trips, & Following Directions

Posted by debraallenellis January 17, 2018
This is a post I had really been looking forward to writing since October, when 5 of us (mostly teachers) made some exciting and unexpected plans to travel to Paris over winter break to soak up lots of art, history, and local culture. I was thinking of it as teachers on a field trip and planned to tie in our adventures with some FB posts I’ve made in the past about field trips with students. Of course, I had a marvelous time in Paris, was even able to make an incredible day trip to England, and the time flew by in the blink of an eye! I’ll get back to the wonder of our European adventure in a bit, but, first, I need to share some unexpected events that occurred before and after our journey. [More]

Holiday Personal Space, Rainbow Brite Turkeys, Stonehenge, Our Mr. Thomas, and That Thing That Happened in England . . . You Know . . . With the Mayflower

Posted by debraallenellis November 19, 2017
Yesterday, we decorated our house for Christmas—put up the tree and all that other stuff that makes me feel all warm, cozy, and slightly claustrophobic. What was I thinking?! Why did I let this happen?! Just because the family is coming to our house for Thanksgiving this year, was it really necessary to make the ridiculous snap decision that we need to have a Christmas tree backdrop? Arrgghhh! Have I really allowed myself to fall prey to the annoying idea of a perpetual Christmas? [More]