Classroom Behavior Management, Tattletale "Elfs," and the Fine Art of Cat Herding

Posted by debraallenellis December 11, 2017
Elves on Shelves – never had one before, but, as an elementary school teacher, I have DEFINITELY heard my share of stories about those little buggers. Every school morning, between Thanksgiving and Winter Break, half the class or so comes barging in the door to tell me about their elf’s latest prank at home. I wish I had a dollar for every time a breathless child (or 12), rushing across the room, has urgently bombarded me with, “Guess what my elf did today?” This year, a few of those kids wrote persuasive letters to me, asking for a classroom elf. So, I did the only logical thing a person could be expected to do in response to children who were actually writing something willingly, without being forcibly coerced—I went straight to Amazon. [More]