Welcome to Classroom Conversations

Every now and then, we all need a break from our day-to-day lives, a respite from the frantic pace we keep, a momentary breather, a calm in the eye of whatever may be our current personal storm. I know I certainly do and I'll bet you feel the same. My goal with this blog is to provide such a place, somewhere I can happily take breaks from working and share some of the small moments that make me smile, chuckle, and/or shake my head on a regular basis, along with some of those conversations I have with children that absolutely melt my heart. My days are filled with them, simply because I spend the majority of my life in a second grade classroom with young kids who provide an endless amount of material to keep me smiling, as well as anyone else who cares to read or listen.

Not everyone is as blessed as I am. Some of you don't get the opportunity to spend your days with 20-24 seven and eight-year-olds, so I'm hoping you'll think it's OK for me to share some of these adorable moments with you folks—anyone who would appreciate a little giggle to start the day; those with young children or grandchildren in your lives who can relate; teachers who have similar experiences; those of you who may be feeling down or lonely and may benefit from some of the natural—often entertaining—antics of young children. Kids see things from a different perspective than adults, they say what they think, they have no filters, and we can learn so much from them.

I doubt you'll gain any profound knowledge here, but hope you'll find evidence that kindness, joy, and innocence are, indeed, still thriving in this crazy and, often, scary world of ours. My precious students provide me with a constant supply of the medicine I need to momentarily cure whatever is ailing me and I'll bet it will work for you too. I've been sharing some of these quotes and situations with Facebook friends for several years. Over time, I've gathered quite a collection.

Sound good? Want to fill your world with a little bit of adorableness? Well, then, you've found the right place, ‘cause I've got plenty to share. Glad you're here!